Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The one time I dressed like Baby from Dirty Dancing

...and somehow ended up in a 6'5" man's arms 6'5" in the air to the song I've Had the Time of my Life.

Weeks before my friend's wedding, I had searched everywhere, stores and online for the perfect dress. I wanted to look hot. Who doesn't when you know there will be a reunion with a bunch of people you haven't seen in awhile?
Am I right?

Point being, I found the dress I wanted to wear.
Part of it's appeal when I bought it was that it looked like the dress Baby wears in the film Dirty Dancing.

It was perfect.

When time came to go to the wedding, I was so astounded that so many other people referenced that it looked like the dress from Dirty Dancing.
I was dying.

I swam in the sea of compliments, until one of the bridesmaids was like, you should reenact the scene from Dirty Dancing with my fiance?
screechy record

Say wha?!?!

I looked at her fiance and told him that we don't even know each other, and I would NEVER make him do that.
Weirdly, his fiance would not let it go.

He's strong. He won't drop you.
This was the ultimate trust fall, if I've ever seen one.

After coming back from the ladies' room, I walk into the reception area, and thee song, you know what song I'm talking about, THEE song I've Had the Time of my Life came on.

And who was in the middle of the dance floor?
This girl's 6'5" fiance and her pulling me to do the famous jump with him.

My face immediately went red.
And I insisted that this would not be happening.
Until people started chanting my name...
Why does this happen at every wedding I go to?
and this one

And I buckled under peer pressure.
I just wanted to please my crowd, ya know?

Next thing I know, I'm saying a little prayer and take a deep breathe and run into the arms of a stranger.

...and somehow ended up in a 6'5" man's arms 6'5" in the air to the song I've Had the Time of my Life.

And lived to tell the tale. And it was f*cking awesome.


  1. THIS IS GOLD. hahaha i am dying. lets be friends.

  2. My inky question is, WHY is there no video graphic evidence of this??!?? I would love to see that. :) so amazing.

  3. *only
    (thanks, autocorrect!)