Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesdays on a Wednesday!

So my current lover and I had a conversation a long time ago about what day we would meet the person we love? We collectively decided that Tuesdays are the best days to fall in love. Why you ask? Well that's because Tuesday is the most neglected day of the week, that something so grand and unexpected would most likely happen on that day. Mondays are always so dreadful, Wednesdays you're practically half-way through the work week "hump day," Thursdays are "college fridays," and Fridays and Saturdays are expected weekend fun. Sundays are church of course. So when is there time to fall in love? Tuesdays of course! So I've been fond of Tuesdays lately. Although, I know that today is Wednesday, but I had yet to experience my full potential of Tuesdays, so posting on a Tuesday I wouldn't have my full experience of Tuesday by then. So this is what I love today, well yesterday and some most of the days:

•Coca cola
•Chubby babies
•Fat animals
•Cold cereal
•Audrey Hepburn
and....that one boy! (who I most likely met on a Tuesday)

So....did we meet on a Tuesday?


  1. I freakin love your blog! I met my husband on a Tues!! Also, I am thankful for fat animals too:)

  2. SEE!!!! It's only the miracle of the Tuesdays! I love your blog!