Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hulk Boy

 I was reminded of a story last night. My brother and I were sharing some of our own hilarity filled stories across the dinner table which led to long lengths of silent laughter (you know, where you are laughing so hard that you can't catch your breath to the point where noise can not escape your mouth). I shared this story, and now I will share it with those who are willing to read.  I always forget that this happened to me, and sometimes I feel like this only would happen to me. The subject of Hulk Boy pops up every now and then and realize how hilarious it really was. Shall I share?

Years ago, I was in a relationship that was a bit unhealthy. It basically was coming to an end. After a week of separation, and contemplating what I should do about the matter, we met up at a local park one night to "talk." It was dark, and there were still some people playing basketball, as we occupied one of the picnic tables. I came to the conclusion that things were just not going to work out, the other side of the argument was not too pleased with this decision on my part AT ALL. Out of rage, the other stands up, throws their hat down, and starts storming away from me... and proceeds in ripping their shirt off much like the image above. In a state of shock, I look around me to see if I was not the only eye witness to this absurdness. Afterwards, out of courtesy, I picked up the hat and decided to return it to its owner. As I walk away in confusion,

"You're not going to talk to me?"
(Well sir, if you haven't taken some crazy pills that concluded you in ripping off your shirt like Hulk Hogan, maybe I would know what to say)
"I don't know what to say, you just ripped your shirt off!"

I then decided to return a key that was given to me a few weeks beforehand, and instead of taking the keys, this one decides to throw the key out into the dark abyss of the park to then befriend that torn and tattered shirt. Well, this became a lot easier than I thought.  Thus, leading me to the name Hulk Boy, thank you for my moments of laughter now.  I used to think that things like this wouldn't happen to people, but apparently they always end up becoming a reality for me.

All I can say after this little episode is that a homeless person has an extra layer for the winter months of California and possibly the chance of a new home to live in.


  1. Ha ha, seriously STILL LAUGHING!!! What the....
    Glad you're outta that. And are you still in UT??

  2. Me and my friends still joke and say stuff like, "you're making me soooo mad I could rip my shirt off!"