Monday, September 6, 2010

This one time.

Remember this one time at the Lone Peak Basketball game, in high school when I accidentally ended up hanging from the basketball hoop, and everyone laughed at me? Me too, oh what great embarrassing memories. (or maybe it was the Timp game? Whatever.)


  1. I almost forgot about that!!!! Oh my!! Laughing my head off remembering that! SOOO funny. I think it was Timpanogos?? Where ev, it was so friggin funny!! We were retards... maybe if your bases didn't suck that wouldn't have happened!! :)

  2. But it was a great memory! So funny I swear! Or like that one time I farted out of the full-down and I made Dani bleed!

  3. Ha ha!! I forgot about that too! SOOO funny!