Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Cute...date night?

Well in celebration for my birthday Mr. Man and I had a great night. With graduations in both of our families we then decided to go out for my birthday the day after, which totally worked out perfectly.
We fed our faces at The Red Iguana, which was said to be the best Mexican food in Utah.
Good Mexican food in Utah??? What???
This statement is so true. 
And so good.
And I was so full.
And I was so happy.

Then we also got to go see Iron & Wine perform that night.
Let's be honest. 
I knew probably two songs, but I will say that concert was very really good. 
I would love to go again.

PS. Let's all take note of the birthday card that Mr. Man of Mine got me.
If you didn't notice, parts of the card are in braille.
Am I legally blind? 
Well no.
But Mr. decided he'd be funny and get me a card in braille just in case my Lasik eye surgery in 3 weeks goes terribly wrong and I become permanently blind.
Geez, thanks.


  1. So I had a realization a couple days ago... I came over to your house on your birthday, and didn't realize it! What a ridiculous friend I am! Well, I know this is belated, but, "Happy 24th Birthday Lauren!! I love you!"

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA he would write it in braille!