Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am not blind.

I see you.
My lack of blogging is not the result of malfunctioned lasik eye surgery.
It's just a result of laziness, out of school so not wanting to be on the computer, and also I just have a lot going on right now.

So if any of you were worried, no need to be anymore.
It was a success. And amazing. And amazingly fast.
I feel like I went from an old standard box television and got upgraded to a top of the line High Definition televisions you see at Costco.
Have a mentioned that these past few days I feel like I've been living in a blu-ray?
Everything seems so detailed.
Now I can REALLY see how old I look.
Oh jeez, why do I keep reminding myself.

Well absence makes the heart grow fonder.
So see you in a week. 
I feel a cold coming and I most likely will be needing to call in sick to work.
It's really unfortunate that this has to happen the week that my family is conveniently taking their annual trip to Lake Powell.
How I always get sick for this trip is beyond me.
wink. wink.

Well all I know is that the doctor has put me on large doses of vitamin D and H2O in order to restore my health.
I think this is the best prescription I have ever gotten.


  1. Is that "illness" contagious? Maybe I need to hang out with you so I can get sick and be prescribed the same thing. lol Have fun out there.


  2. I am so jealous and happy for you & your improved eyesight! We are going to visit your hood in Aug for a week! Woo hoo! I will let you know more specifics later... It will be so fun to see you! :)