Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Wednesday

I love my friends. You really should be jealous of how awesome we get sometimes. It boggles my mind some of the things we come up with.
We're a blast and a half.
The proof is in the pudding.

+Making a personal pit stop at a gas station to specifically pick up sour patch kids, not gas. The doors being locked and having to do the embarrassing walk of shame as the two workers watched in my sugar deprivery.
+An old, wise, Indian co-worker of mine, gazing at my hands and says, 
"You are an artist. I can tell by your hands." 
Just because I "paint"  my fingernails doesn't qualify me as a full artist, but in his case he got lucky cause his assumptions were correct.

+When people ask me if I love my job. 
If only I could tell them my real answer.
+Dancing in a crowd, turning my head in an awesome attempt to "whip my hair back and forth" and having my face run into another person's face.  One more inch and we would have been lip locking.
Oh hello, other face! And personal space!
+That I still have my glasses and contacts from before my Lasik surgery. Do I keep them subconsciously thinking that my eyes might go back? 
I don't even know.
+Closing up at work, walked passed a sweet pickle on the ground that I had missed sweeping. And then the pickle got up and ran straight at me.
You figure it out from there.

+Not having a real job. Oh wait,  I forgot this isn't awesome.
+The letter I wrote to Ellen Degeneres giving her reasons as to why she should hire me.
The top reason being that we could combine our dancing forces to create our own dance crew and dominate every competition in Southern California.
+Siera bought me the cutest graduation present to remind me to believe in myself.
Oh and she's just down right awesome.
+People tell me I'm a special type of person, in the non-making fun of kind of way. 
I guess I'm kind of starting to realize how unique and awesome I am.
+My friend Leslie is going to have her baby any day now and I just can't wait to meet little week-over-due Eli James Frokjer.
+My bed. It's better than yours I'm almost positive.
I have testimonials to prove it.

+Random outbursts of Lady Gaga that I shout out in the middle of the kitchen. 
"NEBRASKA, NEBRASKA I love ya! You and I!"
Disneyland, you're going to miss me and my hours of entertainment I have provided for you.

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