Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome Eli James Frokjer!

Dear Eli James,
Everyone is so happy that you have finally made it into this world, and that you came out perfectly healthy. 
You were quite the stubborn little man, being overdue for a whole week which made your mommy extremely uncomfortable.
But you are finally here and the luckiest little boy in the whole world.
You have not only graced your family with your birth but is a sign of such happiness that your family much needed.
You are so loved.
Your daddy would have thought you were the most perfect baby, because you are.
Even though I am not blood, I am so happy that your family has made me part of their family so I can be a small portion of yours.
To the Sweetest thing. Thank you for FINALLY coming.
Take good care of your mommy, Eli.

Love, Your Adopted Auntie Lo

In honor of this little man's birth and his father, Josh and I ran a 5k for the Honoring the Fallen organization this Saturday.

We ran in Sgt. Chad Frokjer's name, who was the husband of a good friend of mine and the daddy of sweet baby Eli.
He recently passed away in June while serving our country in Afghanistan.
 I was glad that I got to be a part of this organization and realize how much we need to bring all these soldiers home to their families, wives and children.
Not only was it a good cause but I am glad we had a great time doing it as well.
We chanted along side the Sheriffs during the run, and enjoyed and probably over-extended our rights to free pancakes, massages and Clif bars.
Let's also not forget how happy Josh was that overly happy that the Laker Girls were there.


  1. He's so sweet!! Congrats adopted Auntie!

  2. be-u-tiful! That little guy is precious. And prayers for his mommy and family.