Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lauren Scissor-hands.

I made this delicious Italian-style salad for our weekly potluck at work.
It was good. And my stomach was happy.

My fingers hurt. 
They tend to cramp easily these days.
And not from making this salad, which was actually more relaxing than stressful.
My fingers hurt from all the typing and applying to every job known to man I've done since I've graduated.
Someone and Somethings got to give.
I've gone from writing "Prospective" in subject lines to the little more creative and desperate "Future Employee."
Just learn to love me, people.

Others tell me to relax and a job will present itself.
Well I can't help but not relax when I look at the amount of student loans I have to start paying back in a couple of months.
But I'm a natural-born worrier. 
If there really isn't much to worry about, I'll find a way to be worried about something and stress on it.
It's a quality I'm working on, because I have now realized what unnecessary anxiety it causes me.
Crazy? Most likely. And yet I still continue.

Breathe...Relax...A job will come.

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