Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW! Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays!

Welcome to Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays!

Wednesday is kind of awkward in itself. I mean it's right in the middle of the week; is it the beginning of the work week or considered part of the weekend? Wednesday also goes by the nickname of Hump Day, if that's not awkward enough. So here I am, I decided that Wednesdays will be the days where I go through my continually racing and wild brain of mine and discuss what I find awkward and amazing lately. Feel free to comment and add to my lists each week if you'd like. Let the fun begin!

-Weird flirters. I have been coming across a lot of those lately and really, who are they fooling. If that's their game they won't be getting anybody, anytime soon.
-When there's an Amber Alert on the freeway announcing a child abduction and according to the laws of the road in the state of California it's illegal to talk on your phone while driving. But what if I'm on that freeway? Do I get a freebie if I get caught on my phone that day?
-When your roommate's friend tells you to not park behind your roommate when you get home tonight. I'm pretty sure I exchanged numbers with my roommate. uh.
-When you're in the ladies room and in the stall next to you, you can hear the quiet pitter-patter of someone's thumbs grazing across their cellphone keyboard.
-The toilet bowl seat covers state that they are Stocked for your convenience by the management. Uh, thanks for being so concerning? Maybe?
-Still not having my eyebrow fully grown back yet.
-My Media Production instructor. He is quite the character. (see image I drew in class below, perfect replica) He is the strangest man I have ever met, but hilarious. I can't quite figure him out. Is he a genius or just a weirdo?
I wish I could make a miniature size of him and carry him around in my pocket because he would be such a great conversation starter. So I put him between AWKWARD and AWESOME at the same time because he is surprisingly both.
-Finishing everything you wanted on your To Do list. (I almost succeeded, except for one)
-Hearing from someone else that they had heard very nice things about you from others. Put a smile on my face and warmed my heart
-The combination of peanut butter and banana together, which I put both on my English muffin this morning. Don't judge me.
-Adding new music to my Ipod, knowing that I have new jams to serenade myself on my lonesome cars rides.
-Everything about 500 Days of Summer, which happens to be my movie of choice tonight.
-Buying a new book and knowing that soon you'll get to read it when you finish the book you're reading now.
-Possibly planning a trip with my Mr. Man of Mine to Florida. I am so excited.
-Getting pulled over and using the Amber Alert as an excuse as to why you were on your phone.
-Craving banana pancakes


  1. i havent even read it yet and i am cracking up at your drawing!

  2. I LOVE this new layout AND that picture of you :)