Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"What I Wore" invented by Siera

what i wore today
My dearest friend Siera is doing this thing where she records what she wore this week, and each month previewing what someone else she knows wore. And Today we took my picture. I feel bad because I am a terrible model and Siera would not object. I move a lot, and I can't help but be goofy. I have the hardest time doing any type of serious face, or even doing a pose that looks fashionable and vogue. Basically I am just awkward in all aspects.

But I've been experimenting. I have all these clothes, and I feel like I wear the same outfit, with the same things all the time. I feel like my outfits from the past are now expected. So I've been trying to think outside the box and kind of mix up different pieces that I would repeat before with things I would have never thought to put together. I'm trying, and half the time I leave my house thinking that I probably look ridiculous but I dare to go out in public anyways.

So this is what I came up with.

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