Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello. New Name.

If you haven't noticed but I changed the name of my blog.
Why you ask?
I was leisurely walking down the isles of Target and was on the search for a new book to read and intrigue me. (I got one by the way, Water for Elephants,  and I'm super excited to read it.) So as I was looking over the book covers I came across a book titled,

The Lo Down
by Lo Bosworth

Ya know that girl that was friends with the main girl from the MTV show The Hills. I guess for some reason it's a dating book and all about doing it right in the city of Los Angeles. 
 Gag me.
 My second reaction which was What the heck? That's my blog name, and my nickname(which I happened to be named first). I refuse to share now both of them.
Which resorted me to changing the name of my blog all together and giving it a makeover. Sorry. But I think I like this one better along with the look.


  1. ok i think by you changing your url things might of changed for your followers. or blogspot just hasnt caught up yet.

  2. Hahaha I love the new title. And it looks great. It's weird that I chose this post to comment on, I have read a bunch of yours lately that I found highly entertaining and/or hilarious and I should've commented on those too. Lets pretend this counts. Your blog is awesome!

  3. Looks awesome Ren! Very hip and cute. I didn't think your blog could get better... but it has! :D love ya