Monday, January 31, 2011

Thankful Treats

Sometimes I feel like I am such a brat, and I tend to be ungrateful for even the little things in my life.  A long time ago someone told me to write down everyday what I was thankful for, or what made me happy that day, even if it was so small and only special to me. And this would then restore my mood and make me look back and remember that everyday mattered.
Aw.... right?
Well mine has some random funny ones too, so don't worry it won't get too mushy-mushy for everyone. I mean come on, it's me we're talking about. And being serious 24/7 isn't really in the books for me. 
So I decided that the last day of every month I will be adding a post reflecting on the things that I found interesting that month. Maybe your month will be similar. And it's kind of fun to guess what I did that day, some more obvious than others. Enjoy.

31 January Joys
1+ fat babies
2+ people ordering adult chocolate milks
3+ crazy/funny moods
4+ new coworkers 
5+ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
6+ new nail polish
7+ people getting trapped between doors
8+ laughing so hard you cry
9+ honey spiced cookies
10+ advil
11+ hairspray
12+ my mother
13+ coke classic
14+ feeling free
15+ knowing where you should be
16+ slipper socks
17+ heat blanket
18+ familia
19+ still being able to flirt with Mr. Man of Mine
20+ Chelsea Lately
21+ procrastination days
22+ The Cheesecake Factory's chocolate coconut cream cheesecake
23+ boyfriends that know exactly what to say to make me feel better
24+ good last minute/experimental hairdos (but unfortunately can never be recreated just the same)
25+ warm sourdough bread
26+ inspiration
27+ feel good days
28+ funfetti cake I can taste the fun already!
29+ being surrounded with friends
30+ happiness
31+ My dearest person, Kathryn Elise
It was her birthday today.


  1. im digging these adorable little photos of you!

  2. It was hard to choose but, my most def faves are -People ordering adult chocolate milks, -people getting trapped between doors, and warm sour dough bread. Love this blog O' yours:D