Monday, January 24, 2011

I am a strange breed.

My poor coworkers. Seriously, it already takes a special person to work at Disneyland, and I feel like I just take a Disneyland Cast member to another level. Honestly, I don't know how how these newbies survive working with me.
I am a different breed.
A night of work with me is like going into a really bad night club, ya know the ones that play awful non-related music and all the dance moves on the floor are ones truly mimicked straight from Footloose.
That would be me at work. 
When work is slow I start getting bored which leads me to entertain myself.
Except instead of music playing, I'm the one singing the songs varying from Missy Elliot's Work It to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. And quite loudly if I may add and the Kevin Bacon dance moves are coming straight from this little lady's 13 year old body. All awkwardly bouncing around like a 6 year old that just drank a gallon of Soda Pop. The only bad part about my club is that I'm the only one dancing and everyone else just standing around and laughs at me.
But I still do it. Sometimes the guests get a little preview as I'm shimmying myself out of the kitchen. I should be embarrassed but this is a nightly show for me and my fellow cast members. No wonder no one wants to work with me. I'm the girl in the corner working on some revised Step up moves, convincing my coworkers I that I can fit into a highchair, and telling jokes that only make me laugh. 
To my fellow coworkers....I'm sorry.
But life is a party.


  1. so i really (really) dig this picture of you.

  2. I wish i worked with you :) Oh how i miss the good ol' cheer days sometimes