Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Dessert is my favorite meal of the day.

Here it goes another week of awkward and awesomeness:

+When your teacher mentions how he saw the picture that you drew of him last week. oops.
+Riding the cast member shuttle to work and you hear small random parts of people's conversations like, "Maybe she's a lesbian?"
+Watching a couple replace a leash for their 2 Pomeranian dogs with a Red Flyer wagon.
+Finding a daddy-long legs in your bathroom, come back to bring it to it's untimely death and it is nowhere to be found.
(Please Mr. Daddy do not attack me in the shower like the last 2 have. Because I will have to drowned you like I did the others. Thank you, Lauren)
+When you're on a roller coaster and the 13 year old in front of you gives you random facts like, Did you know that this building is only 199 feet tall and if it was one foot taller they'd have to put a red light on the top?
Um, Thank you?
+Having the body of a 13 year old and having the nickname of child bones
+When people verbally explain their Emoticons.... I'm sorry that happened. OH Sad Face!
Sad face = :-(
+Being a witness to a random stranger walking down the street in full blown Mary Poppins gear. I guess a spoon full of sugar helps the crazy pills go down. 

+Eating a whole lot of sourdough bread
+Have Rescue Me stuck in my head this whole week and singing it everywhere I go, giving me quite a pep in my step. I mean can't you see that I'm LONE--LY! And I need you!    
Yes, you.
+Getting stuck at the top of the Tower of Terror at Disneyland
+Being the reason why they stopped the entire ride at the top of Tower of Terror, and getting to ride it twice in a row because of it. Everyone, you're welcome.
+My homework this week involves writing a Dr. Suess poem.
+Eating all the sugar that I should only consume in a week and eating it in an entire day.
+Watching someone get caught between two elevator doors
(I know this one is mean, but I couldn't help but laugh.)

There you have it people!

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  1. you forgot about the random guy calling us out about texting while in disney!