Saturday, July 9, 2011


Soar muscles, sun tan, spider-killing, swimming, wake boarding, cliff jumping, hives, large and insane amounts of good food, bonfire smores, hiking, dinosaur tracks, world's largest natural arch, private swimming canyons, monsoons, 15 people, 2 dogs, body-slams in water, tube-riding, "hearts" and "nines" card games, shooting stars, top of house-boat sleeping, soft serve ice cream, bat catching, charlie horses, tubing in a rain storm, lightening storms, swimmers ear, Fred's laugh after drowning you on the tubes, outside movie nights, fireworks on the water, large amounts of sunscreen, sun-burns, wipe outs, sunsets, aloe vera, lost dog, fly away tubes, bruised nose, nail painting, jumping off the top of the house boat, swimsuit bottom loosing multiple times, jenga competitions, inappropriate comments, fits of laughter, family, old friends, new friends, bathing in the lake, late night swims.

All the makings of a successful Lake Powell trip.
Can't wait until next year.

Family Lake Powell Trip Motto:
"If you don't have scars to bring back, you weren't having enough fun."
Yes, my family believes that the more pain you cause your body on vacations, just means the better trip you had.
That's why vacations to my family have now been renamed kill-cations.


  1. And you're freakin BLACK! Holy cow - give my poor white skin some of that!

  2. Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth! I loved this post. Brought back soooo many awesome memories from good times at the lake. I'm going in September and I'm SO excited!! Thanks for sharing the pics.