Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awkward and Awesome School Wednesday!

I'm glad we pay thousands of dollars to go to our school in order for them to provide us with giant IMacs and all we use them for are to take silly pictures of ourselves.
This is what happens on a boring class, Wednesday nights, and terribly freezing.
And yes, I am wrapped in a Hello Kitty blanket.


+The ending to the newest Harry Potter movie. I found it extremely awkward and something I could do without. I'm glad everyone else looked old enough to spout out kids EXCEPT for the people that actually mattered.

+Being video tapped when approaching a table at work. UH.....

+Trying to explain to one of my instructors what the phrase, carpet matching the drapes, means.
This is quite difficult without loosing all professionalism.

+Guy in class drinking Iced Tea out of a Ragu jar.
Um, it's called refilling a used water bottle, or something?!

+The word Pangea or the whole idea of it in general.
Elementary school anyone?


+ADO's, translation of Disney talk: Authorized/Additional Day off.
These are blessings sometimes.

+Playing a revised version of Who's Line Is It Anyways on slow work nights.

+Seeing a family that I grew up with in Utah at a random restaurant in Orange County.
This is beyond crazy, but totally worth the awesomeness!

+Graduating in 7 weeks! 
Let the anxiety and minor freak outs begin!


  1. Haha. This is a bundle of awesomeness :)

  2. Haha! This is a bundle of awesomeness :)