Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

I thought instead of showing some awkward pictures of myself, I decided to share some awkward family picture moments of others.
I was in a bit of a funk today, and honestly looking up photos like this just lighten my mood instantly. It was so hard to pick which ones to show.
Awkward family photos. 
Google it.
You'll laugh for hours.

+While on family vacation and applying the recommended amount of sunscreen out of the corner of my eye spotted a Peeping Tom from the young teenaged boy in the corner.
I put my sunscreen on behind closed doors the rest of the weekend.

+Busy at work, I rushed past someone a little too close and got a nice graze of their behind.

+While yawning, someone called out, "You're the prettiest tired girl ever."
Thank you?

+Busy at work, I rushed passed the same person AGAIN and this time THEY got a little too close to the woman section. 
Twice in one day.
Really, Life?
My face = red

+Lake Powell
+Nice suntans
+Chocolate Chip Cookies
+Last quarter of school ever!

+My little family


  1. i love love these awkward awesome post on wed! They make me laugh every time. thanks for brightening my day :) ( i still can't decide if the kids in the first pics are boys or girls...sad...)

  2. Ren - did you know that this one time tried to recreate awkward family photos wearing white shirts and jeans?! lol I'll totally have to show you the pics! hahaha... They're almost as good as our vest pics from the 4th grade! ...