Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Day that is Wednesday.

Well nothing says awkward like some good cat pictures.
After an adventure to the Sawdust festival in Laguna Beach this past Friday I came across my favorite booth there hands down.
Who doesn't like a good cat lady joke?

+Casually chatting on the communal "break area" picnic tables. Was rudely interrupted by a old man spoiling the moment with a nice Toot.
Yes. Toot.
And yes, Sir, we all heard it. 
And held in laughter when you wanted passed by the second time.

+The conversations that I have with my Sister Wives about bathroom issues. Maybe close is too close? If I just showed you the dialogue of what is said out loud, you'd swear you were reading something from a group of men.
And we laugh about it ALL the time.

+I am 24 years old and I still wear my retainers to bed.
Gross? Not Gross?

+Little boys dressed like girls, and wishing to be addressed as girls.
This happens way too often then I would like at Disneyland.

+That I have competitions with myself to see if I consume large amounts of water and see how clear I can get my pee.
Every trip to the bathroom I'm thinking, "Take that UTI!" And, "Your welcome kidneys."

+Going to the movies by yourself...which I do quite often, and having other people point it out and ask if you'd like them to sit next to you.
Um no thank you.

+Laughing hard. Or just giggle-fits in general. Usually caused by me thinking I'm the funniest person in the world, me saying something that I think is hilarious and then me proceeding with uncontrollable laughter.
Me being the only one laughing.

+Watching a little boy attempt to break dance. Cue me smiling and wishing that I was that young again and thought I could/was awesome at everything.
What am I thinking....I think that still. Grow up Lauren.

+Having girl's nights. I miss them so much and now that one of my Sister Wives is moving to New York it made me happy to have us together.

+The Sawdust Festival
Check it out if you're ever in town this time of year.
Here are some features of my time there!

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  1. I can't help myself, I have to say it. It's not awkward at all that you wear your retainers! That is awesome!! And you should keep wearing them until you're 80 years old. Unless you want straight teeth when you're 90, in which case you should wear them till you're 90. You could probably cut back and wear them every other night if you wanted to, though.

    Nerdy dental hygienist moment over. (Whew.)