Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!

An Awkward and Awesome Wednesday?
This can't be so?
Well my friends, it is.
I decided to start this post off with a totally awkward picture of Blossom! Does she remind you of the awkward teenaged years of training bras for your ladies, but really not all there ladies and Limited Too before it became that store Justice?
I thought so.
And I just happened to be inspired due to the fact that the sweet sounds of Big Bang Theory linger in the background.


+When you make a joke about how you're smarter than a monkey because you can use your thumbs, and then the other corrects you by saying that monkeys can in fact use their thumbs

+Asked what single's ward I belong to, but it's only awkward because of her reaction when I told her I don't go to one

+Not owning a full length mirror, going to work and realizing in a store window that your dress is a little too short for the work attire. oops.

+Walking through the food court and from across the way the Sbarro kid stares and points at you and says, "You.....(long dramatic pause/creepy stare) need pizza."

+Getting your hair done and the urge to toss your hair back and forth like a Herbal Essence commercial

+Finding a new love for fish

+Running and keeping up with my training schedule 
(it's not a easy one though)

+Reading, for fun. Thank you college graduation.

+Sleepless in Seattle
 Come on! Meg Ryan, quirky Tom Hanks, cute, adorable kid pining for a stable mother figure? 
How close to the perfect RomCom could you get?
Not much, my friend

+Having unhealthy obsession with the game Draw Something.
Want to play with me?
Like a good Western Movie.....Draw!
I dare you.

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  1. Yay for Awesome and Awkward Wednesdays! Love it. Also, we should be Draw Something friends! I love that game!