Thursday, March 29, 2012


Here's a project that's good at making you feel creative without really having to be creative.

I was feeling creative...semi; but I had I found this easy project on this little lovie's blog awhile ago and really have been meaning to try it out.  I have several paintings I did in college that I really had no interest in hanging up at any point. Much like all my art stuff, they are just unhappy and sitting in my portfolio case waiting for a breath of fresh air.

I've had the supplies for this project forever, most of the stuff you need you could find around the house. It's really simple, all you need is:

Old painting/painting-by-numbers/whatever you choose really
Paint brush
White antique color paint (doesn't have to be white, but that's what I used)
Vinyl sticker letters (can get these pretty much anywhere)

Step One:
Find Painting- easy enough right?

Step Two:
Figure out what lyrics, quote, saying, word you would like to showcase-in my case it's from one of my favorite songs.

Reminds me of Mr. Man of Mine and myself and gives me smiles.
It's from the film Blue Valentine (which is extremely depressing, but in no reflexion of Mr. Man and mine's relationship, and is played during Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams love story)

Step Three:
Place letters on top of painting

Step Four:
Paint over the painting and the letters completely- the images are hard to tell, but I didn't make it completely white over the top, I kind of liked the see through look where you can can slightly see the patterns of the image which was once there before. This is totally up to your creative judgement.

Step Five:
Let it dry, son!

Step Six:
Carefully peel off the letters- depending on how sticky the letters are, some may stick more and peel part of the painting with it, bad joo joo.

Step Seven:
Call yourself an artist and admire your work!

I think this entire project only took me about 30 minutes total and maybe 20 to put together and paint before I let it dry.

Give it a try! Send me your photos if you partake in this fun adventure at

Next I want to try this variation. I love simple and color!

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