Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Cute Tuesday

It's the last Tuesday of the third month of the year.
Can you believe it?

Hope it's a good Tuesday!
What did you wear today?


  1. You always look so cute! You don't even wanna know what I'm wearing today. I might adopt your "too cute tuesday" and post a pic of Pearl. She always looks cute too:) You should marry that boy already and have a baby friend for Pearl Girl! Just sayin..

  2. serrrrrrsly lover you. and you're adorable! oh... and i'm totally with Rach- get married and have babies! (who is the boy?)

  3. I missed it! BOO TO ME! (this is siera)

  4. That boy is Benjamin Harmon, get your yearbook out. Haha. And marrying him, well that's his biz to ask :) I can't control that man!

  5. We think you are adorable :)