Wednesday, August 10, 2011

awkward and awesome middle of week day.

A collage for you in all it's awkwardness!
As part of my family's yearly trip here, obviously it included a day at Disneyland because it will probably be the last time they ever get in for free.

This is what I learned that day:
That every picture I pretty much look as though I was far too hot so I decided to not wear any clothes.
(view very top right Space Mountain photo. naked.)
That my brothers are 17 & 18 years old now and think about only one thing. 
My brothers are now ridiculously taller than me
(how/when did this happen?)
I now know where my awkwardness comes from
(view third picture down from the right. dad being "awesome and amazing" and half asleep)

+Standing in line, I gently feel a little hand reach up my dress and graze my toosh.
oh hello little one, we just met. Should I be worried that this isn't the first time that this has happened?
+At the beach, getting tossed around and let's just say I had a Tara Reid moment and one of my little friends just happened to come out.
This was just awful than awkward. no one should have to see that.
+Someone challenged me to dance at work. Don't ever challenge me to do something because I WILL do it. So I got my dorky dance on and danced like a fool, turned around and a nice little audience of fellow cast-mates watching.
red face. red face. red face.
+Someone reaching for a hug and I awkwardly thought they were trying to give me a high-five. The end result was both awkward and embarrassing for us both.

+As you probably already know my business cards came and just physically holding them in my hand just remind me how close to educational freedom I am.
+Seeing my brothers' faces when we went to the Angels baseball game on Friday. They loved every second of it even if they'll never admit it.
+Younger brother is moving to Chicago to pitch for Aurora University's baseball team and I am so excited and proud.
Good job little bro! 
Show them how a "Jacob-son gits 'er done"!
+The odd level of tiredness where everything is extremely funny and laughing until you cry.
+The "mom face" (the face that our mom, or any mom for that matter makes every time we're on any type of roller coaster that is equipped with a hidden camera.)
I secretly love my mom for it even if she gets embarrassed by it.

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