Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two weeks in the awkwardness...

Oh life with the top down, in California and having long hair.
Fighting the wind was pretty much impossible at this point.
So love these photos for all their glory because they aren't some to be proud of.
4 hours of sleep.
Make-up from the night before.
Fed our faces with the most amazingly greasy food from Hash House.

+ Rushing at work and gathering several plates and racing back to another table to check up on how they are doing and noticing them staring at me.
What the heck?
"Um, you have something on your face."
Looks like I was trying to save some mashed potatoes for later.
+My little girls getting elbowed by a coworker and them responding with, "Well at least it felt nice for me."
+My teacher telling me how fancy I am. Pretty much trying to define me and all my ridiculousness. I secretly think all my teachers love my awkwardness.
+How much attention my hiny gets. It's almost as embarrassing as me. 
Unless your names are Kim Kardashian or Beyonce Knowles.

+Um, Hash House. When the places brings you a three person sized plate of french toast you can easily be deemed as Awesome.
+I finally got my palm read. It was actually quite freaky how dead on she was about a few things.
Don't worry, I'm not a true believer. All in fun.
+As a past contact wearer I am happy to say that I opened my eyes underwater for the first time in years! I'm a little embarrassed to say that I was nervous.
+Asian baby on one of my tables that smiled so hard at me that his chubby fat cheeks went so much up into his eyes that all he had left with were little straight lines.
Can I steal your baby? You won't mind? Thanks.
+Apparently I am good at talking to famous football players but being totally oblivious to the fact that they play any sport at all.
Pretty sure I asked one of them if they were Busta Rhymes.

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  1. Busta Rhymes - Bahahaha! I would totally do the same thing. I'd have no idea who they are. The same thing has happened to me at work a few times when people who I should know who they are come in and I have no idea until after they leave.

    Asian babies are SO FREAKING CUTE! There was a Japanese baby at work the other day and people were dying over it. I love how their eyes disappear when they smile.