Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too Cute Brothers...oh and it's Tuesday

Too Cute Tuesday.
Well this is my Too Cute little brother Shawn.

Everyone say hello to Shawn.
Hi, Shawn.
We love your sister, Shawn.
Just helping you people out.

Well I decided to include him on this week's Too Cute Tuesday because today my brother is packing his little and fully crammed room up and moving to Chicago.
He got offered to play and pitch for Aurora University's Baseball team for his freshman year of college.
I'm so excited and happy for him. I think this whole experience will be great for him.
I remember being in his shoes six years ago, a little scared but excited to see where things would lead.
He's going to do great and grow up to be a great man.
Good luck little bro! I'll come and visit soon, I promise!

Dear Little Brother,
You're mutant tall.
You are exactly like Dad.
I think you're awesome even if you think I'm embarrassing.
I like you even though you haven't learned how cool I am yet.
You're going to kill baseball this year.
I'm pretty sure you'll probably make it to the Major Leagues. 
Sorry, I haven't been around much in the last six years.
But most of all I'm so proud of you.
Well now I'm going to cry; calm down womaness.

Your Favorite Sister.

Oh and I have another cutie-pie of a baby brother also. Let's not forget about him and his witty sarcasm of a mouth that probably one day make him extremely successful or get him in trouble. 
Most likely both.
Even if he hates me after I posted this picture. Love ya Eric!

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