Tuesday, August 2, 2011


sorry photo taken from phone.

Let's talk about this one time we put together a canoe team for the second year in a row and all we got were pancakes.

Every year, for several years Disneyland lets it's employees participate in it's annual canoe races around the very famous Rivers of America, home of the Fantasmic show.
Every year each location is able to create their own team to compete against others for the title of.... Top Rower?
It's almost ridiculous how serious this event can be for others when the only reward you actually get is a lousy medal and your picture in the employee weekly magazine with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.
And it's even more ridiculous that we all VOLUNTEER for this event which only takes place at 5 o'clock in the morning before Disneyland opens.
Well this year, I decided that I would ACTUALLY participate in a work related something.
So of course, as expected I only committed and signed up as an alternate. 
Can't get too dedicated too fast.
Which made me think I was off the hook, but actually meant that I ended up there almost every practice due to the fact that others didn't agree with the early mornings.

Last year, apparently our team, named "Hopeless," was disqualified for running into a rock.
This year "Hopeless Round II," did one better by getting disqualified before we could even get in the water due to the lack of players.
Epic fail.

The only good thing that we got out of it was lots of laughter, an excuse for cool t-shirts and pancakes to celebrate our loss.
We sure know how to go out in style.

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