Monday, August 1, 2011

to you.

my name is lauren, some call me lo, i am 24 years of age, and i will soon be a college graduate. i wait tables right now and totally hate it even though others would argue it as the happiest place on earth. i dye my hair because i don't like my natural hair color. i am catholic. so that means i believe in god. i also believe that everything happens for a reason. i do believe in soulmates. i am extremely awkward at being sexy. i tend to tell the dumbest jokes even if i know that they are dumb. i am ticklish in 3 places. i love art and museums, because i know that everything can be beautiful. i love to dance. music is healing. i love camping and anything adventurous. i don't like being alone. i get sad. i love to talk. i will try anything once. you might think i'm embarrassing. i tell the best stories even if i forgot that i told you them already. i say inappropriate things. sometimes i do like to have a drink, socially. i want to have a family. cookies are the main food group of my daily diet. dessert is MY most important meal of the day. i make fun of my awkward looking body. i beat myself up about a lot of things. i believe in love. i laugh a lot at myself, and think i'm the funniest person even if no one agrees. i love to laugh until i cry. my heart is sometimes too open, but i think that is the best kind of heart to have. i wear my heart on my sleeve. i get upset if things don't go my way. and i'd like to believe that i have a very infectious personality, i guess you could say i think it can be beautiful one too.

 if you are okay with all of this, then that's perfect.
because this is who i am and it makes me happy.
if it makes you happy too...
then good.

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  1. I liked this one. I liked it quite a bit. :)