Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday 4 days late.

This is us. At the US Open of Surfing last Saturday. And we are awesome and I am the awkwardness in the mix.

+One time I asked my friend if  I had a lazy eye because I was scared that I might have had one. I've always been worried that I was that person that had one, but no one had the guts to tell me.
+Being charged extra for pickles. Seriously? 
Their excuse: they are homemade.
Whoopie, you stuck a cucumber in a jar of pickle juice, I hardly think that's an excuse to charge an extra dollar.
 +Entered the restaurant Friday's
Greeter: Thanks for visiting Friday's!
Me: We just got here.
+Anything named Pink Taco. The restaurant, the drink, anything really. And then I laugh immaturely at it for awhile.
+After 6 years at Disneyland, still to this day when I'm dropping my bag of money into the safe at the end of the night
I sing THIS song.

 +The Utah Jacobson's came to visit me finally in Cali for a whole week.
+One instructor giving our class free dvd's.
Ya know, nothing but casual. Just the studios sending him extra DVDs for his editing students and for him to vote for them for the Oscar's.
+Getting my younger brothers to see the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love with me and promising that I wouldn't tell anyone that they ACTUALLY wanted to go. 
(and that they liked it. double oops.)
+I was totally being sarcastic with my family and was talking about forming some sort of Lauren Fan Club because everyone loves me.
My grandma's response was, 
"I'll be your number 1 fan, sweetheart!"
 (yes, said with enthusiasm. heart melted)

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