Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Going Away...

Speaking of awkward, let's go through the awkward photos from my going away bowling party in California. I'll be posting the other photos later on this week.
Hope you're having a fabulous 'Hump Day.'

+Sending a request to Pinterest that I wanted to start a profile, and being sent on the 'waiting list.' Especially, when others got theirs immediately?!
What the heck?

+In a public place when you run into someone from high school, but you know that you know them, but not enough to actually say hi.
And you know they are thinking the exact same thing.

+Waking up with bug bites, stripping the sheets off the bed and noticing a spider coming right out of the sheets.

+The Christmas gift I'm going to attempt to make for Mr. Man of Mine.
It's going to be awesome and awkward! 
Go best girlfriend award.

+Starting a new job!

+The newest Tommy Hilfiger television commercials.
I am loving them this whole year.

+That today is Siera's Birthday!

+The Chris Brown dance moves I showcased at the bowling alley.

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