Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November.

This is my Too Cute girly friend Siera, we love food and we had a Too Cute Tuesday lunch date.
 And we are 70 years old and eat at places like Souplantation because they just have the best-of-everything-buffet, spectacular coupon specials and an ice cream bar like Sizzler.

These girls can't turn down a bargain.
Well, I kind of did the other day. Passed on 30 dollar Steve Madden pumps in my size. 
Sadly, I'm still beating myself up about them.

Is anyone mildly curious how it became November already?
Because I find it extremely baffling that 2011 is passing before my laser-revised eyes. 
I guess I'm not really sad about it because 2011 wasn't the greatest year for me.
 BUT I am seriously so excited for this time of year either way.
I'm fully prepared to wear comfy sweaters and my boots, consume myself with large quantities of baked goods and constantly smelling of pumpkin spices.
I won't hate it at all.

I'm ready for new beginnings and new adventures.
 Bring it on 2012. 

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