Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday baby!

Well this fortune isn't awkward at all.
Why, Panda Express? Why?!?
This is why I choose not to eat you, ever.

But as soon as I opened it my cookie fell on the floor at work, which automatically out-rules the "5 second rule."
So does that mean it won't come true because I wasn't able to eat it?
Or is fate trying to mess with my head and add some extra brain mush to all the rest of the mush that's going on up there?

Oh life, why can't you just play along.

+Hanging out with a bunch of people, probably telling a hilarious story, when a ping pong gets thrown and likes to hit me right in the boob.
Yeah I said it.

+When you need to blow your nose and there is no tissue available. 
Where's Alison Milone or Anna Mefford when I need them?
My tissue-ready misses.

+My fortune in my cookie.

+Being that person in the household that ends up finishing off the Oreo container and the shame that comes with it.

+When I opened Blogspot, and the top 3 posts from the people I follow were all about The Hunger Games.
I need to find out what this is all about.

+Strangers assuming that you are married and then the awkward response of correcting them.
Um no sir, I am not married. I'm just this old.
just kidding, I'm probably too young to be married anyways.

+The ice cold glass of milk I drank and used to wash down the embarrassment and shame that came with eating those Oreos.

+Random and last minute invite to the Real Salt Lake/ LA Galaxy game.
Gosh, other sports. You need to find fans that are this crazy/fun and maybe I'd enjoy you more.

+I will have my first Thanksgiving with my immediate family for the first time in 6 years. 

+Finally getting that big girl job.
Marketing Coordinator Extraordinaire.
That is me.


  1. Hahaha , always ready with a tissue for you my dear :)

  2. why didn't I find this blog until today!? ahah.