Monday, November 28, 2011


Goodbye, Disneyland.
After working for the Mouse for over 6 years, Friday, was finally my long awaited last day as a "Cast Member."
The last time I clocked out, wore that awful costume, served, used my ID.

*Disregard my ID picture, I was young and dumb, thought that blonde was a good color for me. And can we say that I'm happy that I finally was able to "grow into my face."

I felt like I was leaving family.
I hired in when I was 18 years old, right out of high school and now I'm leaving 24 years old, and a college graduate.
I pretty much grew up at Disneyland.
How many people do you know get to do that?

Here's to the last 6 years of my life, where I was part of...

The downfall of the "Octodog"
 Feeding cotton candy to the ducks
4,545,223 Managers
Sandy-Dandy pudding treats
1 Fire scare
4 pairs of "Shoes for Crews"
5 million "corners" and "behinds"
The time before we had served breakfast
When every shift started at 11:15 a.m.
2 fallings onto the trash cans
 About 50 Ciopinnio spills on my shirt
Moment of shovels filled of ketchup
4 pound blue-blown glass plates
"Did someone say 'fish 'n chips'?"
Throwing things in the water I didn't want to pick up
8 name tags I lost
The "busser dance"
Playing catch with bread rolls and baskets
Participating in the 1st and ONLY annual "Busser Olympics"
15 aprons checked out at one time
Water Fights
3 earthquakes
When the carpet used to be green.
2 tubs of silver that I've thrown away
World of Color
The day the drunk guy jumped into the water
1 "Starfish of the Month"
and last but not least


I'm sure I am missing several moments, but these are the firsts that stuck in my head.
I know I am speaking a foreign language to most, but I hope my fellow Disney Folk get a kick out of these.

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  1. You have to change your info over there now >>>> It is like a sad and happy moment... haha