Thursday, November 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thanksgiving Week

All these photos represent what my days have been consisting of:
Piles and Piles of boxes
Trying new eateries
Consuming delicious food
Making absurd amounts of Honey Spiced Cookies with my roommate

+When a person comments on your name tag stating where you are from and having the most uncomfortable conversation.
Man: Oh you're from Pleasant Grove, Utah?
Me: Oh yes, I grew up out there.
Man: Hmm, I don't know where that is?
Me: Oh! Utah? It's two states away.
Man: I know where Utah is.
That is when I said nothing more and turned around and walked my shame right back to the kitchen.

+That moment when you've spelled a word so many times it seems to look as though you've been spelling it wrong all along.
Is that how it's really spelled?

+The uncomfortable age when it becomes inappropriate for grown women to wear pigtails or pigtail braids.
Camping and Winter Sports are the only exceptions to this rule.

+When musical artists participate in commercials for cars or razors and use it as an excuse to put their own music in the background.
I always feel uncomfortable with this idea.

+Overhearing someone at work saying how they almost cried when they found out that I was quitting and moving two states away.

+Cookies. Aren't they just awesome?

+My going away bowling party was great, and I'm truly going to miss everyone.
Who says feeling loved by others isn't a great feeling.

+Spending the day with one of my Ultimate Sister Wife, Kathryn

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