Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is this awkward?

Welcome another Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!
For some reason I thought jumping on my bed and taking pictures of myself was an awesome thing to do. Which now will turn into an awkward moment instead.
So fitting, don't you think?

+At a Halloween party this weekend, man dressed as a woman yells, "MOVE! YOU SKINNY B**CH...EAT SOMETHING!"
Then proceeds to throw Snicker candy bars at me.

+My Coppertone girl costume deserves to fall under awkward because the entire night everyone thought I was really naked from the back, but should get credit for being completely awesome in the creativity category.

+Instead of Coppertone girl, people referred to me as the "Naked Girl! Hey hey Naked Girl!"

+Eating at Souplantation yesterday and getting some nasty looks from girls that obviously go there all the time. Mean to say I know, but you should have seen the stank faces.
Are you mad that I took the last cheesy bread stick or something?

+Everyone in this world has now learn why they should love me.
I'm a riot.
I make people's days, okay! Ha!

+Coppertone girl costume

+Eating large amounts of sugar

+The autographed Audrey Hepburn photograph hanging on my wall in all these pictures. I got it as a gift years ago and it's still one of the most awesome things I have.

+Got a part as a zombie in a student film!

+Pintrest. I have yet converted to making one for myself. But I find it wildy awesome and I find myself on it for hours.

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