Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday

Happy Too Cute Tuesday, lovies!
Here is my family's too cute puppy.

Everyone say 'hello' to Missy.
Hi, Missy!

Don't let this cute, soft and cuddly face fool you, because she's a monster 99% of the time.
But yet I still love smothering her and having her follow me around the house like a little baby chick.


  1. Hello Missy-Loo! You are too cute :) My puppy will love you, I just know it! Let's plan a puppy play date soon!!

  2. Ooooh cute. Is she an australian shepherd? We have an australian shepherd and they are smart dogs.. smart aka scheming and manipulative. she gets away with everything! they're so fun, though! i love that Missy follows you around. how funny!