Monday, April 30, 2012


Bean Museum
Elementary School
Every Pachydermous' Dream Job

Ben(Mr. Man of Mine) and I recently took a trip to the Bean Museum, to have him work on some sketches for his Animation Program application. Located on the BYU campus, this museum brought back so many elementary school memories. And for some reason I remember it being so much bigger, but maybe because I was smaller. Hmm....possibility? Yes.

It was Mr. Man's idea to go down there and we had a great time sketching these animals. It was actually a lot of fun, and makes me want to bust out my sketch book more often. So Ben displayed his awesomeness with a pencil and I mainly brushed up on my sketching skills.

I wish I could say that that lower right sketches are mine, but mine are clearly being framed and displayed due it it's mastery. So documentation is limited. Clearly my talent is too much for this world to handle. Duh.

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