Friday, April 27, 2012


These pictures have no relations to each other and this post makes no sense really.

I drove all the way to work and never look down once to see that my gas light was on. 

I went to the doctor to get my ankle checked out and didn't realize until he was holding my foot that my legs clearly had not be shaven....for who knows how long.

I hate seeing dead deer laying on the side of the road. Breaks my heart.

I sometimes dance in the shower. Because I can.

This week at the office, a large dose of Val Kilmer pictures and quotes have been sent back and forth and I once was able to reference Captain Planet.

Lately, I watch How I Met Your Mother while Mr. Man of Mine sketches. And then, we both laugh at Barney together.

I love the awkward billboards with pictures of the owners on them in some completely unnatural pose. And then I think whether that was their only great creative option.

Happy Friday!!!

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