Monday, April 16, 2012

Me at 25, 10 years ago.

My 25th year on this planet is rapidly approaching and I'm trying to think of what a milestone it will be. A quarter of a century. 25. To myself 25 year old self, 10 years ago; I was going to be old.

At 15, I was a crazy, energetic high school student and even then I thought being 25 would mean I would be a full adult. And being an adult did not seem like fun. So I'll say it again being an adult= old. My prime years were going to be over. I thought I would be some fashion designer, chef,  or writing for a magazine (How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days was very impressionable). I saw myself being out of college, a career woman, traveling, possibly married,  and living in some miraculous city in a penthouse apartment. I saw myself successful in both life and in love and life would only be downhill from there. I would have done it all already.

It's so strange how things change and those things that you thought were where you would be are completely different. But now that I look back at it, I'm almost there just starting later. I'm almost 25, half way through my 20's, and I am out of college, have my Bachelor's in Advertising and Design, I'm a freakin' kick-ass Copywriter, I recently moved back into my parents house after being on my own for 7 years, I'm not married, but in love, traveled some, and dirt poor. But I am happy with my almost 25 year old self, success isn't what you have. I feel successful in school, friendship, love and in who I have become. I love the woman I have become, and not to toot my own horn, but I am a rare breed.

So when I think about it, I'm almost there; where I wanted to be 10 years ago at this point in life. But my paths to getting here weren't ever what I expected, and I'm assuming they will continue to do so.

I've asked my mother and others what their favorite age was so far in life, and hands down 25 has been the most popular. I'm excited where 25 will take me, when I thought life would be saying goodbye to it's prime, this isn't where it's ending, this is where it's going to begin! Bring it on!

Stayin' alive at 25! 
(Did anyone start singing the song in their heads right now? Cause I'm pretty sure my amazing brain did.)


  1. I think the most important person to impress is yourself! It's funny because I swear I was just thinking about turning 25 and how I thought my life would be too. We're getting old but I swear we're not! It was almost 10 years ago we were cheering at games together. What the? Crazy? Cheers to the best year, 25!

  2. Agh. 25 intimidates me. My 25th is in 13 days. I will be blogging about this soon as well!