Friday, May 27, 2011

Up to speed.

Let's get everyone up to speed about this busy past weekend of mine.
This weekend will have to be broken up into different posts because it was just go, go go.
Let's get started shall we?
  I will now explain all the things you need to know about thee said pictures above.

-Mr. Man of Mine was in town for the weekend to keep me company, if you couldn't tell.
-Laguna Beach is magical with all it's food, shopping, and art. 
Where else can you find multiple places to buy a taco, some gelato, and a work of art within the same block?
-Couches are definitely something that I once looked over and now realized that everyone should take note.
-I look like an orange and Snooki may have befriended me on Facebook (spray tan results)
-Laguna has some great artwork everywhere
-That there is a whole store that sells "toys for the curious"
-Mr. Man is so good at taking pictures of me mid-air or including my lower half for that matter
(this statement is filled with large amounts of sarcasm)
- I am terribly good at taking terribly good looking pictures of Mr. Man of Mine in all his attractiveness
-The last picture here is an awesome story*
*we took this same exact picture, in the same exact place 5 years ago. I was trying to find the other one to compare. But did not succeed. man does time fly...5 years!

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