Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's talk about this one time I worked at Disneyland for almost 6 years...

... and was never once ordained the "starfish of the month" aka: employee of the month.
Well, someone must of heard me griping, so I got some balloons, a free meal, and my picture in the kitchen for everyone to see who they need to look up to to provide excellent Disneyland Standards of serving and cooperating with the general public.

....let's talk about the summer I pretty much ate a whole Costco size bag of Sour Patch Kids by myself.
Couldn't feel my tongue for three days.

...let's talk about how my best friend in the whole world is getting married on Saturday.
Holy Canoli!

...let's talk about Justin Bieber again.
Why does he have keep getting cuter?
Why must you provoke my pedophile tendencies so much?
Get ugly already.

...let's talk about my obsession with watching hair tutorials.
And I will say it's fun to try it out. Not so fun when you try it out and then it's a bust. Looks like someone is getting a bun today instead.

...let's talk about how sometimes the new CS5 Photoshop really bothers me, thus I must cheat on you with Illustrator and continue our love affair.

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