Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednes to the day.

Hairy Potter? Oh the many disguises of Sheila Mays.

+When you walk down the halls of school in your new heels and then your ankle decides to twist and send you to your body-meets-ground front of another colleague. And your first reply to suppress embarrassment is to yell/laugh,"Woooooo."

+Running and a bug happens to run into you and get caught on your shirt so you proceed in throwing your hands up and doing a little running on hot coals dance while doing so. Throw in some screaming and the routine is complete!

+Walking on an extremely busy street +wind blowing  +wrap dress = chonie glimpse.

+Sitting in a confined place, ie airplane, and woman next to you whips out a boob and latches her young baby to it. Not that big of a deal right? It's not if the woman would have decided to put a blanket over herself. Heaven forbid there was turbulence and we would have had full on contact.

+Running one morning and a butterfly fluttering along side me for part of it. We became friends.

+Alison Milone is in town. And I love her because she finds me to be the funniest person in the world. She's my biggest fan!
I'll keep trying Allie.

+Declutterizing my room.(new word by the way)

+Only having to wait 2 weeks to see Mr. Man of Mine.

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  1. These always make me laugh. I was reading a blog this week where all these opinionated moms were getting their undies in a bunch about nursing in public, and how it's not a crime, and how they shouldn't have to use a cover if they don't want to. But I do not agree! Yes yes, you are feeding your baby and that is wonderful and natrual and not gross, but it is still your boob, a very private part of your body, and everyone else doesn't have to see it! So I was glad to hear you were awkwarded out by the lady nursing openly right next to you. I would so feel the same way.

    Aaaaaand I am totally freaked out by bugs so I have had similar freak-outs when bugs get on me. I was holding a large cup full of coke once when a bug landed on my hand, and of course I freaked and flung my hand - and the coke - to get the bug off, and sprayed coke allll over everyone within a five foot radius. It was totally awesome.