Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally! An Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!

'bout time huh? 
I thought so too.

+When guests at my restaurant ask to take pictures with me and/or try to be funny and ask me what princess I am.
Um, I'm the server princess, the one refilling your drinks today.

+Trying to explain to a lady that she is in my seat at the stadium. Asking to see her ticket and she thus refusing to move. 
Uh...still my seat!

+Dropping an entire tray of hot food and the whole restaurant turn and look at you.
I waved hi. Yes, yes, it was me.

+Woman telling me to make sure everyone else I work with knows that her child with long bleach blonde hair and pink converse is in fact her SON.

+Possibly seeing the artist Sting at the Panera in Costa Mesa.
Best part, was my dad telling me to ask him if it was him and then to get an autograph.
Well it wasn't him.

 +Productive days

+Making your Hannah Montana band-aid on your thumb dance and sing to Party In The USA.
yes, I did do front of other people.
and they me? not sure?

+Warm beach weather

+Getting your hair done after months and months of badly needed touch up and trim. I'm sorry hair, I love you, and I don't hate you. So please still be good to me.

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