Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My actual day job.

Back to my Utah roots, I quit my day job in order to pursue a life living off the land.
All for the reason of being able to drive a tractor.
I only wish these two statements above were true.

I was always disappointed in my parents for never finishing our backyard, because if we did we would have to buy a ride on lawnmower in order to keep up the lawn.
And in that case, if we did then this would be the ONLY yard work I would have actually volunteered to do. 
Parents: think of all the free child labor you would have gotten out of me.

 Why do I love tractor riding/driving?
Do I long for these tractor rides due to the overdose of Footloose exposure as a child in order to subdue my mother's obsession with Kevin Bacon?
This is going to be a yes.

Oh! By the way....Happy Too Cute Tuesday!
For this outfit I chose to wear elastic pants in order to give room to the massive lunch I was planning to have that day.
Verdict... plenty of room to grow in comfort.

I like how my outfits of choice are determined by the meals I will be eating.

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