Monday, April 18, 2011


 I love weekends.
Have I told you this?
And for the past 5 and half years I have worked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Even on the most beautiful weekends, I get to watch everyone else participate in average weekend activities.
Then I put myself in an angry fit over it all and it ruins the rest of the day.
Why do I insist on doing this to myself?
Weekends are not in my regular vocabulary and it's quite depressing at times.
And the hopes of having weekends off after I graduate only makes me want to grow up and get a big girl job even more but time apparently isn't moving fast enough for me right now.

This was one of those beautiful weekends, BUT I decided to beat work before it swashed my ultimate weekend dreams.

So I went to the beach on Saturday, because I wanted to!
Take that work! HA!
Although, I did have to leave the beach early to go home and shower before my shift later that afternoon.

I came prepared with my beach essentials: beach chair, towel and blanket. Lathered myself in the heavenly smell of sunscreen, books, magazines, and  iPod!
I had a great sandwich made which went so perfectly well with the fresh strawberries we purchased from the stand on the way to the beach.

It was great.
 Can I have a rerun please?

 AND....I got sunburned.
It hurts to sit on anything at this point in time. Standing is my only option for comfort.

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