Monday, April 4, 2011

A month in review

Trying to stay in the positive light even though my mood still drags onto today. 
Here are the things I was thankful for in March. Bring on April!

2 Family & others
3 Chips & guac
4 People who are awesome and tip well
5 My Daddio
6 Girl Scout Cookie season
7 Relaxation & catching up on my TiVo
8 Cute shoes
9 Amy Delgrande
10 New places to eat at
11 Girl's night
12 When work sucks but you have fun with it & falling asleep instantly
13 Loving the number 2, the actual number
14 The weather
15 In-N-Out sometimes
16 Relief over school and future schedule
17 Cathing up with old friends & new running shoes
18 The people I see on my daily runs 
My little morning treats.
19 Girl talk
20 Sleep & raisin toast
21 Getting stuff done & final final finished
22 Fun, Friends, Food
23 Soup & compliments
24 Days off
25 Doing the right thing
26 Feeling home
27 Mr. Man of Mine...again
28 Brothers
29 Date night
30 Laughing
31 Sugar

1 comment:

  1. Your blog is the only blog that makes me a little choked up when I read it. You would be at the top of my list too.