Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Jenny

Amy, Jenny, Lo (that's me!), and Siera
Shout out to Baby Jenny who yesterday turned 21!

All us AD girls from the Art Institute of Awesomeness and Other Such Things were super excited because she is the last one out of all of us to turn 21.
And well...she's the little baby of our Advertising family and we all love her so much in her smallness and cuteness.

We went out to Dave & Busters to celebrate with her and some of her other friends.
Jenny had a great time!

Not only did I go from "designated driver" but also received the title of "hair holder."
(I'm sure others could relate to these exact roles)
And Amy went from "party goer" to "in the line of fire woman" for the evening.
We must really love you! Anything for you Miss Lai.
Happy Birthday guuuuurl! Keep it classy!

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