Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome....Bunny?

Have you met Duffy?
Well if you haven't let me introduce you to him.
He's white and lavender.
(which totally makes me question if he really is a boy or not)
He has no body or arms or legs.
His head shakes back and forth when I use the pen on the other end.
(sometimes I use him to answer people 'yes' or 'no')
He gives a consist creepy look making we wonder if he's slightly not all there.
Hence the name Duffy.
(seems like a name that someone that's not all there would have)
He makes me get really strange looks from other people when I use him.
And he's extremely awkward, which is why he gets a whole post to himself.

 I received this little booger as a gift for Easter. 
Since I wait tables they thought I would get great use out of it while writing down orders.

The real great use I get out of it is the conversation starters.
Have I told you that everyone from work is obsessed with it, and totally didn't take me seriously when I said I was going to use it all night to take orders.
And oh man do those guests eat that bunny pen up!
Tips please. Thank you!

Once I was talking to some parents about directions around the park.
When I strangely feel like something near my waist line.
I look down and what do I find?
Their little 5 year old daughter making faces and stroking Duffy's head.
 British baby: I like your pen
(in the cutest little British accent)
tired waitress, me: I named him Duffy
British baby:"Duffy!"
(heart melted)

Surprised at what I found I let her play with Duffy.
And then the mother and I had a 5 minute conversation about things we received while in college from our mothers.
Then a fight broke out between the cute 5 year old and her twin sister.
"I want to play with Duffy!"

There's my cue to exit.
I let Duffy babysit for the rest of their meal.
And when they were finished I received the cutest little hand drawn pictures from both of the girls with the help of Duffy.

Which makes Duffy totally awkward and totally awesome at the same time for this Wednesday post.

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  1. Hahahaha - that is awesome. You are spreading joy and sunshine with your awkward bunny pen. This made me smile.