Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not- So-Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

I saw this at Spark "home of the mocktails," while in Utah. It was miniature, sat eye-level and was the first thing you met when you walked in.
And I loved it.
And his name would be Gulliver.

Unfortunately, I was not that much of an interesting person this past week.
Lame, and depressing I know.
I am planning on being more awkward with a balanced dose of awesome for next week!

+Walking out to a table at work, arms carrying large trays and other such things and what apron falls front of a guest.
Straight to the floor.
I felt like my pants dropped or something. 
 Although, the guest will only be getting a glimpse of my polyester MC Hammer inspired pants, I feel like they can see right through them and RIGHT to my chonies.
How. Embarrassing.

+Noticing how awkward it is to eat an ice cream cone. 
If only there was an attractive way to eat it but still enjoy the cone.

+Dropped a knife in the trash at work. Looked at it and ignored it.
 Co-worker: Aren't you going to get that?
Me: No.
Co-worker: So are you above getting the knife out of the trash now.
Me: Yup.
Co-worker: So you're not going to get the knife?
Me: Digging in the trash wasn't part of my job description soooo, no. 
Unless you want to put your hand in the trash?
Co-worker: But it's your job.
Me: it's not.
(awkward moment of silence where I continue on with my nonsense and the co-worker puts their hand in the trash and retrieves the knife)

+Pretty pumped about my new idea on how to brand myself for graduation and future job potentials. My mind is a brewin'!
This will be soon to come for all to see and enjoy!
(or at least by finals...because that's when it's due.)

+Getting my head in the game (yes, that was a high school musical reference)

+Baseball season opener for the Angels this past weekend!

+Calling on my inner Martha Stewart by playing with old recipes and creating masterpieces.
2 for 2 so far!

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