Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday


little man aka mini Justin Bieber

this is not her child

only one in picture that does NOT have a baby even if some of the others aren't shown.
Here are some pictures from my trip back home. I tend to always bring my camera everywhere but never end up taking pictures. Funny how that works.

+ At the mall not looking where you are walking and walking right into a plant. Jump out of fright, look around and yes, someone saw.
+ Walking into a restaurant, asking for a dessert menu and 5 minutes later an employee telling you that the restaurant is close.
Uh, red face from embarrassment? Check!
Always trying to say two things at once and then end up combining what you were trying to say in the last few words. Sounds much like jibberish.
I do this a LOT.
Mr. Man of Mine would testify and say that I was totally guilty of this.
+ This past week's episode of Grey's Anatomy...the musical? Seriously?
Every time someone started to sing I was quite embarrassed for them.
Why is everyone trying to be Glee?
Let Glee be Glee.
And just stick to what you know, being that night time soap opera that I love and is full of ridiculousness and unrealistic doses of drama.

+Date nights with Mr. Man of Mine
+Feeling like I'm home
+Shopping with Mom especially since she doesn't like shopping
+Spring Break
+Cookies and Cakes balls....bahbah immature moment


  1. That is one cute justin bieber baby! haha:)

  2. where is the awesome part of this post?!

  3. I love these posts, because I TOTALLY relate to so many of the awkward moments! Oh man. So great.

    Also, it's so crazy to see people I recognize from high school with babies! So weird. Good for them! Makes me feel like I'm behind schedule or something!

    Also also, those cupcakes look amazing! Glad you had such fun in Utah.