Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughts on this other Thursday.

not winter prepared. is that yellow snow?

baby ruca

he said don't get his hair in the picture....tada!

I am five.

These are the pictures that I actually took from our little hike which is conveniently 5 minutes behind my parents house. 11 years of living there and not once have I hiked it.
Lame I know.
I was not prepared with gear what-so-ever so I gathered things from everyone at my house wardrobe's. So excuse the not anti-Too Cute Tuesday outfit.

Also, not being snow prepared means...Lauren gets snow down her pants at least at one point on the hike by Mr. Man.

Dear Mr. Man,
Thanks, and I will return the favor by credit-carding you in public later.
Love, Lover

I always find it interesting listening to my little brothers talk about all the annoying types of texts that girls send them.
One, why are that many girls texting you?
Two, smiley faces are okay, sometimes. Jeez.

I am still surprised and somewhat bothered with the fact that the Cadbury Egg commercial has not changed over the last 10 years. 
Every year? The same thing? Why?!?!
How many more Easters can I take of that lion with the bunny ears on?
Time for an upgrade Cadbury, get with the program.

Did you know that backstage at Disneyland we have stray cats, that we feed things, and name them things like MOO, and they have kittens.
One time I had seriously thought about fitting one of the kittens into my purse but then didn't want to risk passing security and my bag start to purr.

Pretty much any costume from work that I have in my closet right now, I stole from costuming.
Sorry, only allowed to check out 3 whole outfits at a time. 
I don't know anyone that wants to do that much laundry.

Why is there ALWAYS construction on the freeway? When you think they are finished they figure something else to fix on the SAME freeway. It is the one and only true Never Ending Story.

You know what really grinds my gears? When you start making a note to eat better that you immediately crave a cheeseburger and coke?
Why world why???

Woman asked me to make her hot chocolate with milk. Which seems like such a normal request except for the fact that I work at a restaurant and not at Starbucks.
I'm covered in food, do I look like a barista?
I mean it may be Disney and they are all about acting snobby and classy, but the classiness really involves me pushing a button.


  1. I love Utah! I miss hiking and being outdoors so much. Lovely photos. Although the mustache? Not sure how I feel about it. ;) Klane grew one and i was not a fan.Haha

  2. Don't worry he only grew it for March Madness. It's coming off. Let him have his fun and then yeah I like the clean.